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Christ's Footprints in Africa was founded in 2012 as Burundi For Christ, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to equipping pastors for evangelism.  The name changed to CFA in 2017 to better reflect the ever-expanding number of projects we have become involved in.  Although we started as a non-profit supporting just one church in Burundi, we have grown into a multi-faceted ministry with partners in Burundi, Malawi, and beyond.  We are excited that God has continued opening doors for us as we partner with rural pastors, Prison Fellowship Malawi, Alpha for Prisoners International, and Child Evangelism Fellowship.  A few of our many projects are highlighted below.  To find out more about supporting CFA prayerfully or financially, please click on the button below.

We operate under a Board of Directors that prayerfully considers each decision made for CFA. 


      Our Board of Directors includes:

                 Glen Halvorsen

                 Wade Halvorsen

                 Bill Nersesian, M.D.

                 Pam Nersesian

                 Becky Perez

                 Dianna Sandstrom

                 Barb Werner


    • Over the last few years, CFA helped fund chlorination tanks and a drip irrigation
      system at Prison Fellowship Malawi, which helped not only keep the drinking water
      safe, but also helped bring in funding for the work at PF Malawi as they can sell the
      produce from the garden.

    • We are currently in the middle of a water irrigation project near Word
      of Grace Church Bimbi that will provide irrigation for over 85 acres of previously
      unusable land.  This project will provide garden space for several hundred families
      from five communities to grow food to eat and sell.

    • A few years ago, CFA started a nursery school at Word of Grace Church under
      the leadership of Pastor Moses Nkhata. The nursery school was so successful at
      fostering not only educational growth, but also spiritual growth in the community
      that CFA raised funds to start another school in Mvera.  CFA also adopted a
      primary school building in Mvera and, among the three schools, we serve over
      500 students, a number that is capped only due to funding.  Each of these rural
      communities have high Muslim populations, yet Christian teaching is the central
      component in our school's curriculum. Besides educating these children, we also
      provide a lunch for each child, the only nutritious meal some of these children may
      receive on a daily basis.

  • prison fellowship Malawi:
    • CFA has come alongside Prison Fellowship Malawi (PF Malawi) to assist with various facets of its ministry, especially conducting prison ministry and building the internal structure of PF Malawi.  In 2015, a CFA team ministered to prisoners and trained leaders at one of the Malawi prisons using the Alpha for Prisoners program.  This program was so well-received that Alpha International for Prisoners agreed to begin work in Malawi and has since translated the Alpha manual and resources into the local language, Chichewa. Over the course of the next few years Prison Fellowship International has agreed to offer The Prisoner's Journey, an evangelism program, at every prison in Malawi.  Malawi is the tenth of 54 African countries to have this program.

    • Many prisoners transition to the PF Malawi halfway house to learn job skills and
      prepare emotionally for the transition back into society.  Some of the job skills
      PF Malawi teaches include carpentry, welding, tailoring, agriculture, and baking. 
      At the end of their rehabilitation program, PF sends the graduates home with the
      tools needed to start their own business when funding allows.  PF Malawi must
      raise its own support to run these rehabilitation programs and the halfway house
      through grants, donors, and income-generating enterprises such as a local deli,
      chicken project, and a garden. CFA has come alongside PF Malawi to support
      these income-generating projects that help sustain their general fund.

  • child evangelism fellowship:
    • Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is a Bible-centered organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to disciple them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living. CFA has partnered with CEF leaders in Malawi to provide ministry training to local churches and offer programs for children.  Good News Clubs have been formed in various communities, which are led by trained leaders who are now reaching the children through this program.

  • rural churches:

    CFA partners with many rural churches in Malawi that would otherwise receive no outside support financially or spiritually.  These churches are often in communities that lack opportunities for employment, education, and financial stability.  Even most of the pastors in these rural churches receive no salary for their work and simply start churches wherever a group of spiritually-hungry people are willing to gather, whether under a tree or in a reed hut.  Although the pastors of these churches lack formal training, their passion for spiritual growth, prayer, and their communities are a strong testimony to the work God is doing! Some of the programs that CFA is proud to help with are:

    Village Savings & Loan Programs
    These programs for village women provide goats or doves that the women raise, breed, and then sell. The money the women receive for the sale of meat, milk, and livestock provides them with a small amount of income to feed their families, make home improvements, and pay government school fees.  Oftentimes these loans go to women who are widows or otherwise have no family to help support them.


    Pastoral Training

    Because many of the rural pastors we work with have received little to
    no training, CFA works to provide pastoral training and Bibles through
    its own team members and also by partnering with other organizations. 

    Rural Church Buildings
    As evangelistic outreach and pastoral training continues in these rural areas, CFA recognizes their need for more permanent church structures, as many of the rural churches start under a tree or in a thatched reed building that do not last through the rainy seasons.  When these churches come to CFA with building needs, we agree to partner with them once they make a commitment to mold the bricks and build the structure; we will then come in and provide metal roofing and cement flooring as funds allow. These buildings then provide not only a place for Sunday worship, but also for community outreach programs and trainings that our pastors provide.


  • Generation of Honor:
    • CFA has a long-standing partnership with Generation of Honor, a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting poor women, especially widows and orphans, from poverty through economic empowerment and education in Burundi. Generation of Honor issues small loans to women to start businesses, trains these women to run small businesses, trains young girls on leadership skills, and supports education for orphans.   

  • child evangelism fellowship:
    • Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is a Bible-centered organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living. CFA has partnered with CEF leaders in Burundi to provide ministry training to local leaders and programs for children.

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