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Current Projects

Here's a quick

update of some

of our projects!

Christ's Footprints in Africa partners with several ministries in Malawi and Burundi to minister to practical needs and build up the local believers and churches.  Please consider committing to pray for and/or financially support one or many of these projects!

Prison Fellowship Malawi

Help us support a halfway house resident's transition back into a healthy community!  Prison Fellowship Malawi offers former prisoners the opportunity to attend a rehabilitation program that focuses on reconciliation, spiritual mentoring, and job training.  Your contribution toward this project will ensure that halfway residents receive six months of rehabilitation as well as job training in a skill they can use in their home communities.  This money will also provide them each with tool sets to get their own businesses started.

Sponsor a Halfway House Resident: $400

Please consider funding all or part of this project by labeling your donation "Halfway House Resident."

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