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The Start of Our Story

In 2007, Pam followed her dream to go to Africa, joining a church trip to Malawi and coming home with her heart changed. Over the nine years since then, she has retuned to Africa at least

once a year, connecting with pastors, prison workers, and leaders in Malawi and around the world. With each connection she

makes, God seems to expand her ministry opportunities in Malawi, allowing her to lead new  people to this country.

In 2013, Pam and a few others from her home church decided to start the non-profit Burundi for Christ to support all of the ministries that God was opening up.  In 2017, Burundi for Christ changed its name to Christ's Footprints in Africa to better represent the work that is being done not only in Burundi, but in Malawi, and beyond.

What started as a dream and passion in the heart of one 


mission is to empower and equip pastors, teachers, and other leaders in Malawi so they can grow spiritually, build strong, sustainable communities, and educate themselves and their families. We so appreciate your prayers and/or financial support! We believe that God has given us hearts for the people of Malawi because He has great works to accomplish there. Thank you in advance for any interest and support!

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